Syed is perfect instructor. He is very calm and kindly& pro.I would higly recommend him to all.

cxngamer plays

I took my driving lesson with mordern driving school and the instructor Mamoon Ahmed, was really good and clear in instruction. Finally I pass my driving test the first time,on Friday the 1st of October. Thank you Mamoon you were really great.

Fatima Sanneh

Best instructor I’ve had, really cares about you passing as soon as possible. Doesn’t waste time and helps you progress quickly. Definitely would recommend to everyone.


I had 10 lessons (20 hours) with Mr. Mahmood and achieve a first-time pass – though, I had been a driver in the US (but it’s been 15 years since I owned a car).

He gave very good tips on maneuvers and was very patient (as I had old habits always creeping in). Although, he is nice, he is also tough, which I thought was needed to ensure you learn how to be a safe driver and ultimately pass your test.

Katrina Liao

I passed today after 2 failed attempts. I’m glad I switched instructors – Syed has helped me improve my driving and increase my confidence within 1 week. I’m so thankful to him. He’s calm, encouraging and his teaching method worked for me.


Syed is an excellent instructor and is highly recommended. He teaches you at your pace, building your expertise in driving.

Aditi Singh

Just passed my practical driving test after training with Mr. Mahmood Ahmed.
Would absolutely recommend!
He posesses every quality a good instructor should have – patience, understanding, positivity, passion and a great way to explain everything. Best tips and reference points for every maneuver! Made me feel at ease and the whole experience was an enjoyment rather than a worry.

Eugene B

Mushtaq is the Best DRIVING INSTRUCTOR EVER, he will tell you how it is but you need that to pass!, I couldn’t recommend him anymore! I personally and honestly give him 15/10 because, without him, I couldn’t do this first time round!
Thank you so much Mushtaq if you see this.


I just have passed my driving test today with the help of Morden Driving School,
before I have change 4 driving instructors and lose too much money but with the help of Morden Driving School and my instructor Mr Mamoon I have achieve my goal,
I just have taken 14 hours of driving lessons
Mr Mamoon he is the best ? driving instructor that you can find and i strongly recommend him!!! ?
He is a very helpful and friendly person ? ☺ ? with the best attention that you can
Pass your driving test in fast time !!

Rashid Rana

I passed my practical driving test first attempt after training with Mr. Mahmood. Even being a driver for more then 20 year I realised how important is to have an update and to be oriented regarding UK traffic rules and safety driving. Mr. Mahmood is an outstanding instructor. He is patient, supportive and provide really important orientation not just about the Test but about driving safely. I honestly recommend his service.

Isabela de Mattos

Very good driving school. My instructor was Syed and he was very helpful and patient and within 6 lessons he helped me to pass first time! Highly Recommend!

Chris Bettell

Syed is a very good instructor, takes his time to make sure you understand. I would definitely recommend.

Georgina Holden

Thanks so so much Syed Tajammal, driving instructor legend.
He has been the most patient, thorough teacher, and teaches with real passion. He explains everything brilliantly and has taught me to drive confidently – not just for the test. He’s reliable and a great communicator. (and fun too). I passed, 1st attempt !!
Highly recommend Morden Driving School!!!

Keagan Rodrigues

So happy I passed my driving test today. I really want to appreciate my instructor Mahmood Ahmed. He’s indeed a professional drivers trainer. With full of love and supports. Mahmood, teaches you driving like you are in the classroom and feels so great when you are doing good. His quote “Weldone you” always inspires me to do more. Thanks a lot Mahmood, my wife is coming soon as well.

Samuel Popoola

Mamoon is the best instructor in the world i only got three minors he was generally a friend when he thought me everyone ask for mamoon!!

Yung Birdie

PASSED!!!!!! First Attempt!!!!!!!!! Quadsia is a fantastic instructor. She is very patient and explains things very clearly. My experience was just amazing I couldn’t figure out roundabouts but she explained it in a way which made it easier to understand. I would definitely recommend her.

Cindy Paul

Mamood was my instructor, I passed with him. He taught me more in the space of a month then I learned with any other driving instructor, very patient. Would highly recommend Mamood and Morden driving school! ?

Jessica Odriscoll

I 100% recommend Morden driving school, my driving instructor Ahmad was perfect, very honest, reliable and great teacher.


I just passed my Driving test today at Mitcham centre.

I have done my driving lessons with Mahmood Ahmed , let me tell you he is a great instructor! I was able to gain confidence and drive on the road in just couple lessons. Furthermore, he is very calm and patient, The reason why i would recommend this instructor to anyone. Its because he deliverers the information very clearly. if you don’t understand something he will try to draw it and try to explain it to you in the most simplest way.

himanshu patel

Awesome experience working with Syed, and he helped me fine tune my recurring mistakes in just 3 classes and I passed the test. Highly recommend!

Gopi Ram

Mushtaq Ahmad Sb was a very good instructor, was very thorough and taught me everything I needed to pass, Very satisfied!

Talha Ahmed

An absolutely superb service from start to finish. Great teacher, Kind and helpful, Very attentive, Good time keeping always On time, No criticisms whatsoever. From dealing with customer services to my driving instructor, everything about Morden Driving School was first class.

I had a really great instructor. He pushed me to be independent, but supported me very well. I was very happy with the level of teaching I received, and I am confident on the road as a result.

Many thanks to my instructor Mushtaq and Morden Driving School

Azam Gondal

Syed is a excellent and very experienced instructor. He has been vital in assisting me with my pass plus lessons. There is a big difference between an instructor who only knows how to get you to a position to pass your driving test and an instructor who has the understanding of the advanced nuances needed for self assured independent driving.

Alkesh C

Great company with some very friendly ans knowledgeable instructors. I’d highly recommend this to anyone looking to take lessons around the morden area.

Belal Khan

Arfin is a great teacher, clear instructions, patient and methodical. Highly recommend to a new learner.

Cindy N

I am so happy I just passed the test now. Thanks a lot to Mr sayed he is just a great instructor and very patient as well 🙂

Abeer Elkotb

Highly recommended driving instructor, Great learning experience overall and a great atmosphere!

Madiha Ali Qazalbash

Syed is a very good instructor. He’s very calm and puts you at ease when you’re driving. He has the experience to know when to give you information so that you’re not overloaded or stressed. He is very clear and patient as well. I would highly recommend him as an instructor. Will (36, Wimbledon)

Hamish Murtagh

Syed is fantastic, proper professional and helped me stay calm even when I stalled lol. Explains everything very thoroughly and is a great teacher. Would highly recommend this driving school and him as an instructor.

Connor Allen

I passed my driving test with Mr Mamoon Ahmad his very good thanks so much.

Moses Mugisha

I had an amazing experience with morden driving school. I will like to thanks my instructor syed for all the efforts and patience he had when I am learning. With my slow learning process he is very patient and encouraged me to keep going.
First time driver! I highly recommend!

Oumita yagambrum

Very best Trainer In Mzn …Mr. Manoj ji and Abhishek ji …ur behaviour is very good with learners..Sach a good person


I am really impressed with the professional instructor and how knowledgeable he is. It was very good experience and recommend it to anyone.

Ahmed Abousamra

Syed is a very good Driving instructor.He has a lot of experience and tailors his lessons according to the individual, which is great.Highly recommend!

Alexa Cat

I am so glad I passed with Instructor Mamoon Ahmed. He was very flexible and we managed to fit in so many lessons before my test. Thankfully I passed first time.

Munir Abdullahi

Excellent driving instructors! Professional and very friendly, highly recommended!

Afia Ahmad

Amazing driving lessons! I passed manual driving test with just 30hours of lessons. Excellent teaching and preparation for students looking to learn how to drive. Definitely recommend Morden Driving School!

Mabroor Farrukh

Syed is a great and knowledgeable driving instructor! He is very calm and patient, so you feel at ease driving with him. Highly recommend!

Georgina Meyer

I highly recommend this driving company. Mr Ahmad fantastic instructor taught me very easily and quickly.

Jeffrey A

Passed my test first time with Mamoon on automatic! Would recommend, very good instructor, patient and helpful, appreciate all his help !!


Very good Instrutor highly recommend to anyone, who want to learn first time, very calm and easy to understand him.

Bilal Ahmad

Cannot rate Syed highly enough. Finding the right instructor is so important – I saw an instructor before the lockdown and when they were no longer available after restrictions lifted, I contacted Syed. The difference between the two instructors is so evident. Syed is so calm and makes me feel at ease now I am back on the road after a few months away. He really listens to what I want to focus on in the lessons and takes the time to explain things clearly. I am so glad I am learning with him because I feel confident with him guiding me. Thank you Syed!

N Rahman

Syed at Morden Driving School really helped me learn to drive properly and thanks to him I passed my test first time.

Dan Porter

Syed is a perfect driving instructor. I just took a couple of lessons from him, paid attention to his words and passed my exam easily. Highly recommended !!

Ali Erdem

They know how to transfer their skills and knowledge to their learners. Had a great experience to learn with them. Highly recommended!

Nasir Ahmad

I’m so so so pleased I decided to learn to drive with Morden Driving School- My Instuctor Mr Mushtak couldn’t have been more professional and helpful. He not only helped me to learn how to drive and how to pass my test, but he also made me feel much more confident as a driver and I know this will make all the difference for the future. I passed my test first time wich I’m completely thrilled by! Also worth nothing he was referred to me by my one of my best friend who also passed first time a year ago. So we can both safely say that we highly recommend Mr Mushtak and Morden Driving School ???

Moon rana

Mr Mushtaq is best driving instructor . He has very professional and friendly approach of teaching. Would definitely recommend. Truly deserve 5 stars


Very nice place and thanks to Syed i pass my test today thank you very much sir bless you ? ?

Daniel Gavrila

Syed is a great driving instructor. He is calm and knowledgeable and tailors the lessons to the needs of his learners. I highly recommend!

Radost Hubenova

Mr Ahmad is an excellent and very experienced instructor. He makes sure you understand, he is very clear and patient and he is very friendly, I am really pleased. Highly recommend.

Areeba Ahmed

A very good and dedicated instructor, takes a lot interest in your progress as a learner.

luqman ahmed

Great driving experience and very friendly instructor (Syed T)

Umesh S

I passed my driving test with Mamoon Ahmad and I can’t recommend him enough. He is very knowledgable, friendly and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor.

Diana S

Good service and professional!

Sawera Ahmad

Hi have to very good Experience with Mr Ahmad his very nice professional instructor his teach me good quality driving skills and his very friendly I have to pass my practical test with him very big Thanks Mr Ahmad now my dreams comes true.

Tushar P

I highly recommend that anyone who wants to take driving lessons to go with Mr Mushtak Ahmed He is the most kind understanding and also patient person ever!! He will make sure your progress at your own peace and doesn’t rush you or make you feel nervous he is very welcoming wich helps i was very nervous at first but Mr Mushtak helped me so much overcome my fears in my lessons wich made me pass first time in my practical test 2 days ago!! But i know if I listen and remembered everything Mr Mushta..

Moon r

Professional at all times, flexible with hours and value for money.I would definitely recommend Ahmed.

Zain M

Thanks so much Syed for everything. He accommodated me very last minute and made sure I was ready for my test within 2 weeks. A great, professional instructor.

Rose Patrick

Outstanding Service, instructors are very calm and patient….puts you at ease when you’re driving.They have the experience to know when to give you information so that you’re not overloaded or stressed. I would highly recommend this driving school.

KunwalS Khan

Great experience!

Shahryar Ali

I had a great experience with Mr Mushtaq and made driving very easy, im very happy.

Uzma J

I have tried many instructors but Mr Mushtaq is who I’m most satisfied with, great service, very well explaining. Definitely recommend

Zunira m.

My instructor is a great person and very down to earth. Thank u Ahmed Mushtaq


Excellent teacher


Best driving school in Morden!

M- V

Mr.Ahmad is very professional and best driving instructor.

Seemi W