Automatic/Manual Driving Lesson

Automatic/Manual Driving Lesson

Automatic driving lessons with Morden driving school will help you take away your stress of driving and make your experience enjoyable and relaxing.

Our specialist automatic driving instructors in Morden  Wimbledon, Surrey, Croydon, Kingston, Wandsworth, Richmond, Tooting, Battersea and surrounding areas will help you on every step.

We know automatic cars are easier to drive for individuals who are not used to manual cars’ clutch and gears competently and find driving a very complex and stressful task. In this situation, automatic driving lessons are ideal and will take you on the road within few days. With the advantages of automatic driving, it has some disadvantages too.

With your licence in automatic driving, you can only drive your automatic car, while with a manual driving licence, you have the advantage to operate both types of vehicles, automatic and manual. Morden driving school is here to help you on every step to achieve your automatic driving license!

Are you looking for Automatic/Manual Driving Lessons?

We have found that in the UK, most learner choose to take manual driving lessons. As we know that having a manual licence allows you to drive both an automatic and manual car, whereas an automatic licence only covers you to drive an automatic car. It can also be more expensive to take automatic driving lessons.

There are some benefits of having an automatic driving lesson:

  • As we know there are only two pedal in automatic cars and without a clutch pedal, many drivers will find the automatic car an easier option to learn. In this case you can concentrate more on-road position, speed and around your environment rather than concentrating n the technique of changing gear and clutch control.

  • In automatic cars you need less time and skills to master gears and perfecting bite points, some learners find it much quicker to pass their practical driving test.

  • Driving in an automatic gives you more opportunity to focus on your speed and manoeuvres instead of thinking about gears. Heavy traffic in a manual means constantly having to change gears, and it can be tiring.

What are you waiting for?

Our experienced instructors offer Automatic driving lessons in Morden, Wimbledon, Croydon, Kingston, Wandsworth, Richmond, Sutton, Tooting and surrounding areas. If you are in South West London and looking for driving lessons, we've got you covered!

Don’t miss the chance to boost your skills. Book our driving lessons today with our professional instructors to get yourself on the road. Call us or just fill the form below. We assure you to help you at every step of your road journey!

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