Hazard Perception

Hazard perception Test

The theory test’s most challenging section is the hazard interpretation test. The hazard perception test assesses a learner driver’s ability to recognise and respond to a risky situation. Early detection of a potential hazard is a valuable capability that all drivers can possess. Hazard perception skills aid in the prevention of traffic accidents and the saving of lives.

What is Hazard perception?

The hazard perception assessment comprises fourteen one-minute computer-generated video clips for car drivers and nineteen video clips for bus and truck drivers. Each clip contains one or two emerging hazards that students must recognise and respond to earn points. The more quickly a student reacts to a developing hazard, the more points he or she receives. The score scales from five to one, with no points awarded if the examinee responds too late.

Test preparation:

Hazard perception test can be prepared:

  • Theory test practice

  • From books/ helping materials

  • Or taking lessons with the instructor

DVSA Hazard perception test 2021

The highest possible score on the DVSA hazard perception test is 75, with a 44/75 passing rate. Motorcycle danger awareness measure has the same pass mark. The ADI hazard awareness test must be passed with a score of 57 out of 75 to qualify as an accredited driving instructor. The pass mark for the bus and LGV hazard perception measure is 67/100, with 19 CGI clips included.

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Hazard perception test